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HOA Quarterly Meetings

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Prefer quarterly meetings, in person.  Numbers in the past weren't so high that people weren't able to space out.  

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I think it would be great if the Zoom option were offered as well. I don't go sit in groups of people these days but would love the option to participate. You can have an in person meeting but also allow people to attend by Zoom and display them on a screen when they speak. My work does it every day. 

Was anything decided on the future of meetings for the Association?  I did not see any outcome of the discussion fro a couple months ago.  Having recently moved home from Florida, I am not familiar with the legal requires for HOA's to meet and regularly elect officers.  The law is pretty strong in Florida.

The HOA Board still meets monthly and has kept projects going as well election of officers during the last couple of years by proxy.  The last quarterly meeting which would have been February 1 was once again postponed given the surge of the Covid omicron variant at the time (the pastor of the church where we meet highly discouraged us from doing so).  The next quarterly meeting would be set to be the first Tuesday of May. I will keep everyone posted. - Jackie Owens

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