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Welcome - 2019 Has Arrived

Thank You for stopping by our neighborhood.  Our Summerfield Community Association office is open Monday thru Fridays. The first quarterly newsletter is posted here at the website and in the mail to all homeowners.  Our next HOA meeting is in May and includes the election of three new board members.


May 7 Elections for Three Board Members

Each year there are vacancies on our Summerfield Community Association Board of Directors which require a vote of members at the May HOA meeting.  This year that meeting is May 7th and there are... more
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New ARB Form Released January 2019

The Board of Directors has approved a new ARB form which is now available for download from this website.  One reminder about this process is the ARB Committee has thirty days to make the... more
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Stockade Fence

I need a handy man. Bobby Elrod 405 641-2713 more
Started: December 28th, 11:17 AMReplies: 0

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