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Safe Labor Day and Beyond

The Yard of the Week program has begun in Summerfield to recognize one home each week that is truly an asset to the neighborhood.  The current selection is announced through social media accounts.  The swimming pools remain open in September and no closing date has been announced.  The City of Oklahoma City set Holloween officially as October 31st.  Thank you for checking our home page. 


Trash Can violation on Rankin Road

Whoever turned me in for a trash can violation needs to come talk to me face to face.  Did I leave my trash can out overnight one time? Yes.  I guess I need to apologize for my 16 month old... more
Started: March 7th 2013Replies: 3


Is the Calendar not being posted online anymore? Or maybe I am looking in the wrong spot. Just really wanting to know if a spring neighborhood-wide garage sale is going to  occur this year? more
Started: April 3rd 2016Replies: 1

Back pain? Headaches? Stress over holidays?

Hi neighbors!   I started working for Family Tree Chiropractic and Massage this summer and I have seen amazing results. People come in with all sorts of different health concerns and have truly... more
Started: November 25th 2015Replies: 0

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