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Welcome - Spring 2018!

Welcome to Summerfield's website!  Thanks for visiting.  We have our next general HOA meeting on May 1st where three board of directors will be elected from five candidates. If you cannot attend, please use your proxy form contained in your quarterly statement.  The five neighbors that will be on the ballot are Troy Schroder. John Willbanks, Lacey Lukasiewiez Hughes, Norma Baker and Elizabeth Myers.  The meeting starts at 7 PM at Spring Creek Baptist Church.


Coyote by Pond

Coyote behind our house hiding on hill next to pond. Be careful when you go walking today or walk your dogs. He came next to me by the back fence and didn't run away when I spoke to him. He is the... more
Started: April 6th, 10:06 AMReplies: 0

Missing cat!

My wife and I lost our cat, if you find a male Siamese with no collar his name is miharu (pronoced as mee-hawr-oooo) he is 13 years old and very sweet, he loves people, we are offering a $100 reward... more
Started: March 25th, 06:22 PMReplies: 1

November HOA Meeting Tuesday

Just a reminder that the Home Owners Association will meet next Tuesday, November 7th, at 7 PM, for the Quarterly meeting.  Home owners and home renters are welcome. Light refreshments are... more
Started: November 2nd, 08:46 AMReplies: 0

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