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Summer Is Here

 All three pools are open each day at 10 AM. If you have a key from last year, it is still a good key. If you are new to the neighborhood, our pools have gates that should be closed and locked. Homeowners can purchase a key for $25 at the HOA office, 4117 NW 122nd. . Our pools close at 10 PM each day. Rules are printed on signs at each pool. There are no life guards on-duty. If an emergency occurs, please call 911. If you find something is wrong with a pool, please phone the office at 405-751-1780 and leave a message.


Keep an eye out!

We had our ferns stolen fom our front yard! We are at 4213 Old Farm Rd. So be aware!! more
Started: May 13th, 07:20 AMReplies: 0

Soccer City Re-Zoning Request

I recently received notice that Soccer City OKC, LLC has filed an application with the City Planning Commission to change the zoning designation of their property.  The purpose of the request is... more
Started: April 22nd, 09:29 PMReplies: 1

Unsightly front yard

There are numerous filled black garbage bags lying in the front yard of a house on Cork Road. They have been there at least 8 weeks and it looks horrible. Would the proper authorities please ask the... more
Started: April 17th, 04:09 PMReplies: 0

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