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Thank You for stopping by our neighborhood website.  Our Summerfield Community Association office is located at 4117 NW 122nd St Ste B, OKC, 73120.  We are open Monday through Friday, but take walk-in visits by appointment only. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the neighborhood are welcome! Just give us a call 751-1780 or email us at summerfield@coxinet.net.  


Summerfield's Street Lights

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Started: September 7th, 10:51 AMReplies: 0

Bump in road at Meridian and Alturas Circle

The City is apparently through working on the sidewalk at Alturas Circle and Meridian; however, they left a big bump that needs to be addressed, please! more
Started: August 16th, 12:51 PMReplies: 1

Rankin Road

     If you live on Rankin Road, take a look at the west end where if slopes to Meridian. It is a mess, full of pot holes, cracks, and other wear. The city needs a few complaints before... more
Started: June 16th 2021Replies: 2

Neighborhood Resource Guide

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Creating A Disaster Supplies Kit
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Greening Up Our Community Associations
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