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Thank You for stopping by our neighborhood website.  Our Summerfield Community Association office is located at 4117 NW 122nd St Ste B, OKC, 73120.  We are open Monday through Friday, but take walk-in visits by appointment only. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the neighborhood are welcome! Just give us a call 751-1780 or email us at summerfield@coxinet.net.  


Private Road Repair

Neighbors, As many of you know, the maintenance of the private roads in the neighborhood has become an increasing concern over the years as they age and deteriorate. This week the HOA completed a... more
Started: November 29th, 02:35 PMReplies: 0

Water supply line leak on Pepper Tree Place

The OKC Water maintenace crew has determined that there is an underground water leak that is occuring on the city side of our water supply.  They have submitted a repair request thru their... more
Started: October 3rd, 12:33 PMReplies: 0

Summerfield's Street Lights

Text deleted by Website Moderator, 2023-09-13 13:21:09 -0600 more
Started: September 7th, 10:51 AMReplies: 0

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