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Welcome - Summer 2018!

Welcome to Summerfield's website!  Thanks for visiting.  Our three swimming pools are now open.  If there is an emergency, please call 911.  Each cabana building has the street address of the pool to help those first responders.  Also remember that there is no "little blue" or "big green" recycle waste collection in the month of June. "Big Green" will start up in July.


Recommended Photographs for East Side

Here's a suggestion from the Board for those living on the east side of the neighborhood where utility companies are getting ready to work: take some pictures of your property now to prove how it... more
Started: June 6th, 05:18 PMReplies: 1

townhouse on Hemlock with X's on windows

Can anyone tell me what's going on with the townhouse at 4603 Hemlock Lane?  There are bushes growing INSIDE the home and there are Xs on the windows.  I am a new homeowner in Summerfield... more
Started: June 19th, 07:24 AMReplies: 2

Pool Opening

As I understand it the pools open up this coming Memorial Weekend. I went to check out the middle pool to see how it was coming along with 3 days left before they are open and noticed there are tiles... more
Started: May 22nd, 11:03 AMReplies: 0

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