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Thank You for stopping by our neighborhood website.  Our Summerfield Community Association office is located at 4117 NW 122nd St Ste B, OKC, 73120.  We are open Monday through Friday, but take walk-in visits by appointment only. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the neighborhood are welcome! Just give us a call 751-1780 or email us at summerfield@coxinet.net.  


Rankin Road

     If you live on Rankin Road, take a look at the west end where if slopes to Meridian. It is a mess, full of pot holes, cracks, and other wear. The city needs a few complaints before... more
Started: June 16th 2021Replies: 2

April Statements

Text deleted by Website Moderator, 2023-04-20 14:19:00 -0600 more
Started: April 20th, 02:09 PMReplies: 0

Two lost dachshunds

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Started: July 11th 2021Replies: 0

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Winter Readiness
Winterready1_th As the Summer season winds down many of us look forward to the cooler temperatures and fall colors. But we must not forget what is lurking behind those crisp fall days - old man winter! It is hard to...
Cats and Dogs... A Manager's Tale
Dogscats_th There is an old saying that it's raining cats and dogs. Well, this saying (or so I'm told) came from days of yesteryear when roofs were made of straw and the steep angle required for good run-off brought the...
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