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In previous years the HOA held quarterly meetings at Springcreek Baptist Church.  Moving forward, the Summerfield Board is looking at different options that could better serve our residents.  Neighbors, do you want quarterly meetings, or would you prefer Zoom meetings or perhaps one annual meeting?

Since we haven't had any public meetings in almost two years I would prefer quarterly or meeting twice yearly.   Of course if covid numbers start rising then zoom meetings.  

Thank you to all the board members for your time.


Doyle Pierce 

4403 Baxter Dr 




Please respond to the this Summerfield post in discussions of HOA,
requesting feedback regarding quarterly meetings. This is your opportunity
to voice your opinion!
My opinion, it is imperative to have access to the quarterly meetings.
Zoom meetings are so commonplace in every faucet of business today. No
one knows the future of COVID.
Zoom quarterly HOA meetings should be the option for the 2021 meetings.
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50% of the state is unvaccinated.  It's not that bad in OKC but the reality is that we should have meetings at a school where upgrades to the ventilation system have been done already.  Preferably in an auditorium where the attendees can socially distance.


Meetings must be productive, which to me means


Aactual income and expenses produced. 

All current funds on hand as well.

Ongoing legal issues, planned major expenses and owner or tenant issues than might affect the budget must be discussed.


All committees should be represented so that individuals issues can be addressed and meetings scheduled to resolve those issues expeditiously.


Planned road work should be discussed on a regular basis with income, expenses, cash on hand available.


Meetings should be available to all members either in person or on line with Zoom meeting invites sent out not less than 3 days before.


If we do all this, quarterly meetings should be resumed.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120