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Ice Storm Clean Up in Greenbelt?

Posted in: Summerfield - Oklahoma City

I am wondering if any of the fallen limbs in the greenbelt are ever going to be cleaned up following October's ice storm. With a house backing up to it, I pay extra in dues, assuming for its maintenance. Since it has been so littered with tree limbs, there has been no lawn service behind my house this year.

I apologize for just seeing this message.  Yes, this is on the list for work soon.  We are still having tree service out continuously since October, and had to address a fallen tree on a townhome earlier this week, otherwise we would have started in that green belt area you are referring to.  An enormous chunk of funds have had to go to tree service, about $70k now, so we are doing what we can as our budget allows.  But that area is very next on the list.  Feel free to email or call the office if you'd like more info or have other concerns - Jackie

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