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HOA Dues, where are they going?

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Hate to complain but nothing appears to begetting done. The common areas of the neighborhood are cleaned up from the ice storm but the not in the neighborhood and the streets never did get repaired as they are still full of huge potholes? 


The City is still doing cleanup on the limbs.  Given an immense amount of money that had to be spent, and will continue to be spent on tree work through the spring, the City will get the rest of the limbs as they can, as they have promised us.  Today is January 4th, tomorrow the 5th we have another round of tree service that will be out to trim more on Old Farm Rd and Broken Tree, and February 2nd will be the next full day to have more tree work done.  We have a lot of common areas and green belt areas that some residents aren't aware of that have had to be tended to - such as the creek area behind Hemlock Circle and the green belt area behind Dahoon.  Last month we installed another section of stone fencing along NW 122nd.  We are currently working with a contractor to replace the pool cabana roofs and do some work on the Cliff Rose pool cabana.  The grounds maintenance fees alone for the neighborhood estimately roughly $20,000/month, and that is just for maintenance, no projects.  Unfortunately the ice storm took a big chunk out of our spending fund that would have been used for more projects for the spring, but we will keep the projects going as we can.  Any other questions you may have I am happy to answer, and our financials are available any time.

-Jackie Owens, HOA manager

Thank you for the update Jackie! Bobby
Great work getting all trees trimmed that had storm damage! It??™s a process!! We must be patient, OR willing to volunteer to help such a massive task!
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