Thank you to over thirty home owners or renters that attended the quarterly HOA meeting last night.  For those that missed, here are some brief items discussed:


Oklahoma Natural Gas personnel appeared to discuss the major work being done at the east end of the neighborhood.  New main transmission lines are being installed in the front yards replacing lines normally found in the backyard.  Work is expected to be complete by the end of September.  Even though a contractor is doing the work, ONG takes ownership of the damages caused to the landscaping, underground sprinkler systems and any other utilities. 


The new fence is being installed along N W 122nd in sections in a pay-as-you-go schedule.  (In the Board meeting, a committee is being formed to develop a schedule down Meridian in the coming years.)


Questions were raised about the Dahoon Pool parking lot that was installed and removed.  Board President Miguel Soares admitted that a mistake was made in not “validating” the ownership of the land. The homeowner worked out an agreement with the Board to restore the property without any legal actions.  The total cost to install and remove the parking lot was roughly $7,000 according to Soares.  This expense will be paid by the general revenues of the HOA and not taken from the specific private street funds paid by the adjoining homeowners.


On the evening of September 11, Summerfield will join other area neighborhoods in OKC to sponsor a “night out” activity at the Cliff Rose Pool with a food truck and games.  The goal is to meet your neighbors.  Watch for more information from a direct mailing piece and social media announcements.  The HOA recognizes the financial support from Summerfield neighbor and local realtor Monica Schultz in making a food truck available.  Residents will be asked to purchase their drinks and bring lawn chairs.  Monica and Summerfield will cover the cost of the food but the details of how to register and get meal tickets will be worked out in the coming days.