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townhouse on Hemlock with X's on windows

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Can anyone tell me what's going on with the townhouse at 4603 Hemlock Lane?  There are bushes growing INSIDE the home and there are Xs on the windows.  I am a new homeowner in Summerfield and I see that every day and it's an issue for me.  I also work for the City and can maybe get some action on it but I wanted to know the story first.  Anyone know anything? Or who I could contact?




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Diana, welcome to Summerfield.  Our neighborhood is divided into parcels and you are in Parcel #2.  We have volunteers who are Parcel Chairs and yours is listed here on the website.  This is the first connection for the home owner with the HOA.  The office has a full-time manager and you can always call 751-1780 to visit with Jackie Owens. She does get out on the property during the day and may not answer the phone.  Feel free to leave a message.  I recommend sending an email to with those after-hour questions as well.  Thank You for your offer of help with the City of Oklahoma City.  

Thanks, I will email the HOA.

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